Terms and Conditions


All reservations are binding, meaning that confirmed tickets will not be refunded by Eqology in case of cancellations. Even though you have registered, you must also bring your ticket(s) to the arrangement to be able to participate.

Cancellation Policy

We follow the law section 5 §19 on cancellation rights, which handles limitations to the Cancellation Act in consumer law. Point b states, that “in other distance selling than telephone sales, the cancellation right is not valid for single services, as long as the seller commits to delivering the service at a given time or within a given time-frame at the time of the agreement.

Single services that are delivered at a specific time or within a given time-frame are, for example, tickets to theater, cinema, concerts and airline tickets. In these cases, the purchaser is referred to the applicable cancellation rules instead.”

Photo & Video Materials

With purchasing the ticket to Eqology European Convention, you agree on the online and offline distribution of video and photo materials by Eqology AS which may contain your personality. Filming during the event is prohibited.


We look forward to seeing you at the greatest and most extensive event in Eqology’s history!